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Visa to – your trusted partner in your journey to Russia!

Irish, UK and EU citizens are required to obtain a visa to travel to Russia. This is where we can help you as we specialize on the Russian visas and can organize it for you in the most efficient and competent way for the best price in Ireland!

We provide 3 kinds of services for your consideration:

  1. Full package: send us the required documents, our specialists examine them for errors, we produce the invitation letter, pay consulate and ILS processing fees, and deliver the passport back to you.
  2. Invitation-based: all benefits of quick and efficient service of the full package less the invitation letter, if you already have one.
  3. Invitation letter only: if you choose to prepare and submit the visa application yourself, we will arrange any type of invitation letter for you, including tourist, business, work, etc.

Full service package for Visa to Russia

We will cover everything in your visa application process. We also issue the official invitation letter, and help you in every step with your application.

For your convenience, please find the list of required documents below. If you have any questions, just give us a call and our consultants will give you all necessary explanations and clarifications.

Required documents:

  • Travel passportThere should be at least two blank pages available for visas. Your passport must not have any records, corrections, reservations, erasures or marks that are not allowed by applicable passport regulation. The expiry date of the passport must be at least six months after the expiry date of the visa required.
  • One photocopy of ID page of your passport
  • Onlinevisa application form ( form must be filled out completely and correctly. All questions in the questionnaire should be answered in detail. The form must be printed and signed by the applicant only. The printout must not have any alterations or corrections written by hand.
  • 1 recent passport size photo of the applicant (3,5 x 4,5 cm, plain white background)
    The reverse side of the photo must have the applicant’s name written on it. Please use a paper clip to attach the photo to the form.
  • Travel insuranceThe insurance must be valid in Russia for the entire length of the applicant’s visit to the country. Insurance confirmation document should include important details of the policy, such as the policy number, area and dates of its validity.
  • Proof of residencyLegal residents in Ireland who are not Irish nationals have to provide the Consulate with proof of permanent / long term residency (copy is sufficient: either certificate with name and address issued by Garda Siochana, or certificate issued by the Irish National immigration Service, or letter from the employer or educational facility, or immigration stamps in your passport, or GNIB card, or Irish Driving License, or utility bills, or bank statement).

Send the documents by registered mail to the following address or bring them personally to our office – we´re looking forward to meet you!

Visa To Russia
16 Inns Court, Winetavern Street,
Dublin 8, D08DV20

Normally Russian Visas are processed within 5-10 working days upon receipt of your application. Please contact us if you need to receive your visa sooner, and we will be able to process it in just 3 days for a surcharge, see our pricelist.

Courier service

This package is for people who already have an official letter of invitation. You will need to post it to us together with the other documents as described above.

We will visit the Russian Embassy in Dublin twice, check your papers for errors, pay consular fee and post your passport with visa in it by registered post.

What is the official invitation letter?

Types of invitation letters

  • Tourist visas Tourist confirmation and tourist voucher have to be issued by a Travel Agency or Hotel in Russia that is registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The papers should contain an applicant’s name, passport No., arrival and departure dates and points, cities you are planning to visit, agency reference number officially issued by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The stamp and all details should be legible. Just a hotel reservation on its own is not enough to process your visa application.
  • Private visas Relevant local department of the Russian Federal Migration Service will have to issue official letter of invitation in this case (original required).
  • Business, Humanitarian, Student and Work visas Relevant local department of the Russian Federal Service or Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs will need to issue official Invitation (original of the invitation is to be submitted for multiple entry visa; in some cases copies can be accepted for single and double entry visas. However, the Visa Section officer may ask you to produce the original invitation.)
  • Transit visas Valid tickets to and from Russian Federation or guarantees of their purchases in the Russian Federation, valid visa to the country you are planning to visit after Russia (if you need a visa to that country) or passport of that country.

Invitation letter only

Another service we provide is issuing Letter of Invitation. In this instance, we only issue an Invitation Letter for you and then you need to apply for the visa in the Russian Embassy in Dublin on your own. Find more details on the Russian Embassy website.

Please send us following information to

Name, first name, address, telephone number, date of birth, nationality, passport number, expiry date of the passport, entry & departure date, destination, number of entries (1 or 2)

We will send you the invitation letter within 1 hour by email so that you can print it (if it is a tourist invitation or a company letter). If you need a business invitation from the ministry – please contact us for more information!

General information:

  • You will not need transit visa if you do not leave the airport transit zone to catch connecting flight within 24 hours of arrival. Transit visas are usually issued for not more than 3 days if travelling by air and 10 days if travelling by train.
  • It is not necessary to obtain a Transit Visa for people who stay in the airport transit zone for a maximum of 24 hours from arrival to board a connecting flight. If you are travelling by air, the Transit Visa is usually valid for 3 days. If you travel by railway, the Transit Visa will be valid for 10 days.
  • People transiting Russia on the way to / from Belarus and Kazakhstan will need to obtain the Russian transit visa regardless of how long they are staying in Russia.
  • Motor tourists will also need to attach their vehicle Registration Certificate and a cover letter with the details of the journey, itinerary and the names people travelling with you.
  • Tourists on large cruise ships are entitled to stay in Russia without a visa for up to 72 hours. You can leave the ship and return to it as part of an organized tourist group. However, you will require a visa if you decide to leave on your own.
  • Registration in Russia: Only necessary if you stay more than 7 days in one location. Entry and exit days, Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays do not count. For hotel guests the registration will be done at the reception desk, if you are about to stay at a private apartment you can do it through a local police station or post office.
  • It is not possible to have more than one valid Russian visa in your passport.

Important information for business / work visas:

  • You may apply for a business visa not earlier than 45 days prior to your trip.
  • The maximum period of continuous stay in the Russian Federation allowed with a business visa is 90 days during a 180 day period.
  • Work visa: unlike the business visa, work permit allows the visitor to remain in Russia for 1 to 3 years continuously. This type of visa could be extended in Russia (in contrast to business visa).