Why visatorussia.ie?

Russia is our second home. We are competent specialists in all visa issues as well as other areas related to your trip to Russia. In addition, our visa centre is the most convenient in the whole or Ireland!

These details have to be consistent with the Invitation letter ( Travel Voucher ) information. Please send us an email and we will forward you the details of our office in Moscow that will be issuing the Invitation.

Do I need visa to travel to Russia?

Yes. If you are a citizen of Ireland, UK or other EU country you will require a visa to travel to Russia. We can help you with your visa issues from A to Z !

What documents do I need to obtain a Russian visa?

  • Original of your passport (should be valid for at least 6 months)
  • New passport photo (3.5 x 4.5 cm)
  • Signed visa questionnaire (to be filled online here)
  • Confirmation of medical insurance for the period of your travel
  • Invitation letter (you can receive one from us)
  • For people who are not Irish citizens: copy of permanent residence

Where should I send the documents?

Please send all documents to us by registered post or bring them to us in person!

How much will the Russian visa cost?

Cost varies from the type of visa and number of trips. Simple tourist visa only costs 135 euro inclusive of the Letter of Invitation and Consular fees. You can find the detailed price list here.

What is included in the cost?

  • Verification and completion of documents
  • Two visits to the Russian Embassy in Dublin
  • Consular fee
  • Invitation letter (voucher)
  • Visa sent with insured Registered Post

I do not have a passport, can I travel with an ID?

No. Visa is a “sticker” and is inserted into the passport. You will need a passport.

Can I obtain a visa if I have a temporary passport?

Yes. If you need to travel to Russia in the nearest future, but you do not have a valid visa, you can obtain a temporary passport (Notpass) in the local authorities (usually takes one day). Then we will process your visa within two days, if necessary.

How long will my visa application be processed for?

Maximum processing time for tourist visa is 10 days after the passport has been received. We can also process an urgent visa for 2 – 4 days. Invitation letter can be issued within 1 hour.

I am travelling to Russia by car, do I need anything special for this?

Not much, but it is very important! When you are filling out the questionnaire, please put “motor tourism” (not just tourism). We will write it in your invitation. Then you will have no issues while travelling. Please contact us by phone if you have any questions.

What is a transit visa?

Transit visa is valid only for 72 hours. To obtain a transit visa you will not need an invitation letter, however, you will need a visa for your destination country or tickets for the whole route. We will be happy to help you in processing a transit visa (cost – 110 euro).

Do I have to book the hotel or purchase airplane tickets to obtain a visa?

No. You can purchase tickets or book a hotel regardless of whether you have visa or not. Of course, travel dates should be within the visa validity period.

What is an invitation letter and do I need it?

In order to apply for Russian visa you will need an invitation letter. Official tourist invitation consists of two parts: so called “confirmation” (visa support letter) and a voucher. Invitation can be issued only by a Russian tourist company registered by the Russian Federal Agency for Tourism and that has special number for certificates. Attention: just a hotel booking is not sufficient! Our price for an invitation letter is 25 euro.

I have an invitation letter. Can I ask you to visit Consulate in Dublin?

Of course! Just attach you’re your invitation to the other documents. Cost of visiting the Russian Embassy is 110 euro including the consular fee (180 euro if you require fast track processing)

Do I have to travel on exact dates that are written in the visa?

No. For instance, your visa is valid from 15.11 until 25.11. You can enter the country on 17.11 and leave on 23.11. Important: you cannot leave the country after 25.11. under any circumstances!

Why is there a difference in cost for EU citizens and non-EU citizens?

EU signed an agreement with Russia on a simplified visa procedure. Cost difference will only reflect a consular fee. Cost of our service is the same.

I would like to obtain a visa in Dublin on my own. What should I do?

In addition to the above documents you will need a paid receipt and invitation letter that you can order by email from us. You will find more information on the consulate’s website.

What should I do after I have received the visa?

Check all data! If visa contains some errors contact us immediately! We will rectify everything. If you do not do it and there is a mistake in the visa you will not be allowed to enter the country in which case bornpower gmbh will not take responsibility.

Do I need to register after arrival in Russia?

Only if you are planning to stay in the country longer than 7 days. Registration can be obtained in various ways. Hotel quests can do it at reception, the best way to do it for those who travel on their own is through a post office. When registering through post you will have to present a copy of your passport, copy of the visa and migration card as well as address and phone number of your residence. Important: do not exceed the 7 days limit! Otherwise, you can end up having a lot of problems including financial ones.

I am on a cruise and will stay in Saint-Petersburg 2 – 3 days. Do I need a visa for this and, if so, for how many entries?

If you are travelling with an organized group you will not need a visa. If you are travelling on your own you will need it. If you leave the ship several times it is considered to be just one entry.

I would like to study in Russia. What should I do?

Apart from documents required for tourist visa, in this case you will need an original of invitation from school/university. Is it too complicated? Do not worry! Please contact us and we will find the best solution for you.

Still have questions? Our 24/7 support service will be glad to help.