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Irish, UK and EU citizens are required to obtain a visa to travel to Russia. This is where we can help! Our Company is Accredited Agent specializing in Visa services with offices in Central Dublin, Cork and Galway. We can organize all types of visa to Russia for you in the most efficient and competent way for the best price in Ireland! Questions? Use our 24/7 hotline!


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Fill out the online application form and gather all necessary documents. At your request, we can prepare the complete application package, including all required documents and forms. Feel free to dial us 24/7. You may either bring your documents to our office or send them by registered mail. If you are not able to deliver your papers to us, we will organize a courier to collect Once we receive your documents, we will review them and issue the invitation letter to be submitted to the Russian visa office. You may choose to collect your visa at our office or have it delivered to your doorstep. We wish you a pleasant and smooth journey to Russia!
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For a trip to Russia nationals of more than 170 countries require a visa. The basis for obtaining a visa to the Russian Federation is a formal invitation issued by accredited organizations. There are several types of invitations. For short-term stay in the country (up to 30 days, 1-2 entries) a tourist voucher is requested. For longer stays or multiple entries (180 or 360 days) you need a business invitation. If you want to stay in the country without a break, a student or work visa is required. We are your contact for all questions and organize your visa to Russia (including letter of invitation). Just call our 24/7 Visa department on 01 874 9275 and order your visa by phone. We will send you by e-mail the list of required documents and start processing your visa straight away.

General Prices and Completion Time

Tourist visa UP to 30 days No. of entries Processing period Single entry Visa Double entry Visa Multiple entry Visa
Express Services Embassy Fees 1 within 3 working days 152 243 456
Our fees 65 65 65
Standard Services Embassy Fees 2 within 4-20 working days 77 122 229
Our fees 65 65 65

Invitation letter

Invitation type No. of entries Processing time Cost EUR
Tourist invitation max. 30 days 1 1h 30*
2 1h 45*

*Discounts available for multiple applications

*Our Fees include checking application and supporting documents, hand delivery and collection from the embassy. Dealing with any queries with the Embassy on behalf of the customer

*Return post fee is not included


Please note that we are not the Russian Embassy and are not affiliated with the government of Russia. If you wish to apply to them directly, instructions are available on their official website. In almost all cases the Russian Embassy charges a fee. If we handle your application, we charge an additional fee in return for providing advice on the requirements, taking responsibility for ensuring that your documentation is correct, and sending a courier to queue up on your behalf to obtain the visa. Contact Us

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